Would you be surprised to learn that there are some delicious foods that can actually help you to lose weight?

Its not rocket science is it really? Weight loss is simple. You need to take in fewer calories than you burn off. Less food, more exercise.

There are some foods that can can help you burn off the calories quicker because they are nutritous and they help you to feel fuller for longer which can help you to tame those food cravings. There are also some of the foods you can eat which will stoke up you metabolism helping you to lose more weight. Most of us are looking for belly fat burning foods for that difficult to shift waistline!

Here are some ideas for those foods you might want to put in your basket the next time you go food shopping. Some are more obvious than others but some may surprise you.


This may be a surprise but we are actually talking about dark chocolate not milk or white chocolate. If you enjoy chocolate then there is nothing wrong with a small amount, a square or two as a snack. Studies have shown that those eating chocolate ate around 15% pizza later than those who had not eaten chocolate or eaten milk chocolate.


Perhaps not as surprising as they are well known as a filling alternative to meat and they are a good source of protein. They are slow to digest as they are full of fiber which stop you from eating to excess.



Closely associated with beans,a soup at the start of the meal helps you to eat less and if you include beans in that soup: even better. It really doesn’t matter what sort of soup so long as it’s a thick broth like soup and hold the butter and cream. Keep the portion to around 150 calories and you will find it actively helps you cut down the amount of food you eat later in he meal.


Long known for their health giving properties, they can actively bulk out a meal. Add pureed vegetables like cauliflower and zucchini to your pasta dishes like mac and cheese and you will not find the flavor altered but it will cut down the amount you eat. This is good bulk, unlike other fillers like bread and potatoes.


Although there are conflicting opinions about eating a breakfast, there is some evidence that a protein rich breakfast can help you to feel fuller for longer. If you have a tendency to munch on fatty sugary foods during the day, then you may find a breakfast of say sausage and eggs will keep you going throughout the day. There are some studies that seem to indicate that starting a breakfast somehow fires the hunger, which can mean for some, a tendency to keep eating throughout the day. I guess it depends on your own personal metabolism but you may wish to try this by eating a breakfast one week and not the next and find out which suits you best.



Again a great healthy snack and uses in a meal they assist you to feel fuller. As a snack on the run, a small handful of peanuts walnuts or almonds can take you to the next meal. They are also packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals.



We are talking here about the fruit itself, not the juice. In fact avoid fruit juices as you are losing out on the fibre present in the fruit and its skin and just getting the sugar content. Eat an apple to dull our appetite and chew slowly. Chewing slowly sends signals to the brain that you have eaten something more substantial than a small apple!

So some of the above foods may well surprise you but if you eat sensibly cut out the junk and do a bit more exercise you will see some results.


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