back painPeople who suffer from regular back pain know that the problem isn’t some minor niggle that they need to put up with after a long day. Research into back pain problems finds that 60% of all people who suffer from it find that it truly disrupts everything in their lives – sleep, work, sex – everything. Thankfully, back pain like this isn’t really caused by any one thing. The reason you need to be thankful for that is, that for every independent and separate back pain cause there is, there is bound to be a separate kind of cure. And that makes for more choice. The thing is, a back pain cause doesn’t have to be this huge serious thing. Often, it can be nothing more than some insignificant habit that’s a part of your life that you never thought could affect anything. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of this problem that lays so many people low everyday.

It’s a funny thing. You are on a crowded subway, and someone standing next to you says, “I have to sit down; my back is killing me”. And it seems to make perfect sense. However, the truth is, that sitting places about 50% more tension on your spine than standing does. On a long day at the office, making sure that you sit with the proper posture, that you get up from time to time and that you stretch can make all the difference. The reason you want to do that is that exercising your back in these small ways lubricates your joints. It makes you joints more stable, and it strengthens your muscles. Another great way to stretch to help with spinal de-compression, a major back pain cause, would be to lean back in your chair any time you take a phone call. And if you have a job where you have to drive long hours every day, make sure that you sit close to the wheel. It might seem like pushing your seat back and stretching your legs would be a good way to relax everything. In reality, that places lot of pressure on your spine. Sit close, sit bolt upright, and don’t stretch.

There is a lot you can do wrong in your exercise routine (or the lack of it) that can act up as a back pain cause. If you suffer from back pain, that’s not your cue to start exercising less. That’s what 50% of people with back pain problems do. If you suffer from back pain, that’s your clue that you need to exercise far more. Start with lots of walks to ease up and lubricate your joints, and do a few stretches every now and then. People who suffer from backaches have discovered that the gentle workouts that a qualified and certified yoga instructor can give them can work wonders for them. Make sure that you sign up at your local Y. And then, you need to know about the kind of exercises to stay away from. People who love abdominal crunches often find that the exercise gives them strength in a kind of unbalanced way. And it induces an artificial curve in their spine that can be a back pain cause. You need to learn that while crunches for abdominal strength are good for you, you need to do them in moderation.

And finally, make sure that there aren’t any little things that you’re doing that could affect how your back feels. Make sure that you don’t carry a heavy handbag around all the time; make sure that if you ride a bicycle, that it isn’t a racer model that has you bending into the wind. And make sure that you ditch those high heels-ladies in particular!

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