spirulinaWhat are the health benefits of spirulina, and what is spirulina in the first place? It is often sold as a herbal remedy but spirulina is not a herb at all. It is a blue green algae that grows in and around fresh water lakes, rivers and in some seas as well. When I was at university it was my favorite supplement, and I took it every day to keep up my energy levels. Spirulina allowed me to study hard, and I could be part of the rowing team at the same time. I really do believe that it helped me trough university.

Spirulina has been used by the Laps, or Sami people, of Northern Scandinavia for a long time. It helped them to herd their reindeers for long distances using skis. Now, the Sami people are less nomadic and use snow mobiles instead. Therefore there is less need for spirulina. However, it is also said that the North American Indians knew about the many health benefits. Many believe that native American Indian medicine men, used it to treat anything from depression to arthritis.

So, what do we actually know about spirulina?

Spirulina in the Modern World

Any type of natural resource was precious to the Sami and the Native American Indians. Both people were very nomadic, and needed all of the natural remedies they could find. Their day to day lives could be very hard, and they tried a range of treatments for various conditions. One thing is for certain, the concept of energy was very important to them.

Very few benefits which seem to relate to spirulina can actually be proven, but we do know that it is very rich in protein. If, you need energy, protein is after all your go to energy source, and may explain why nomadic people used spirulina to such a large extent. Today, we get our energy from lots of different sources, but back then, it was sometimes difficult to find a good energy source.

The main benefit of spirulina still seems to relate to our need for energy. Extra protein in our diet is especially important when we eat less meat, or have a diet rich in fast food. The body has a real problem in absorbing all of the nutrients that we need from junk food. As a matter of fact, your hamburger may not even have enough energy in it for you to benefit from it. After all, we all know that junk food is a very poor source of nutrition. If you are in need of fast release energy, it could be a good idea to consider adding a spirulina supplement to your diet.

Be Careful  With your Spirulina

All good quality spirulina supplements are today derived from commercially grown spirulina. This means that it is grown in a lab and produced under a controlled environment. Sadly, a lot of natural spirulina has been damaged by pollution and may even contain heavy metals. It is a good idea to pay a bit extra for your spirulina to make sure that it is of good quality and grown under controlled conditions.
Who Should Take Spirulina?
Spirulina is unlikely to do anybody any harm, but it is certainly a good supplement for students who need to be able to concentrate and work hard. Personally, I found that spirulina did not only give me energy, but it helped me to concentrate as well. Sometimes when I took a bit too much, I did feel light headed. It is best to stick to the correct dosage and not to experiment on your unknown.

A good dosage per day would be about 500 mg. A lot of people who are recovering from viruses say that spirulina helps them a lot. Perhaps it allows their bodies to restore some of that energy it diverted to remove the virus from the cells. It is after all a very energy consuming process for your body, and can easily deplete any extra energy that you may have had available.

There are very few side effects reported when it comes to spirulina which makes it a safe supplement for most ages. Of course, children under 12 years old should be careful with all supplements. Like all other supplements, it may not be the supplement for you but it may help at certain times in your life. More research are needed to learn about the health benefits of spirulina.

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