Polycystic ovarian syndrome can be such an unfortunate problem to have. They call it a syndrome and not a disease for good reason. The usually call something a syndrome when it’s attended by all kinds of seemingly unrelated symptoms. By that coin, PCOS qualifies completely. It’s a hormonal disorder. And you have symptoms seemingly surrounding you in every direction – from sleeplessness to hair loss to weight gain. Even so, treatment for PCOS does exist. And it can be successful.

The weight gain problem that you get with PCOS is hormone- related. When a woman has PCOS, the cells of her body becomes resistant to insulin. When they do this, the pancreas thinks that maybe it could really hit them over the head of lots of insulin and maybe they would accept it. With plenty of insulin produced and coursing through your body, you have all kinds of things happening to you. Weight gain is one of them.

Luckily, treatment for PCOS-related weight gain is no different from any other kind of weight gain. You just have to limit the amount of calorie intake your body sees – something around 2000 cal a day should see through very nicely. The great thing here is that if you manage to get a handle on your weight, all the other symptoms of PCOS come under control, too. It can be great treatment for PCOS.

PCOS does a lot to your pancreas. You don’t want to get your pancreas even more riled up than it actually is by eating stuff with lots of sugar – stuff with a high glycemic index. When you eat foods that contain lots of sugar, it practically leaps into your blood and it sends your blood sugar levels up very quickly. This kind of thing is bad for your pancreas. Instead, go with a low glycemic index foods. These will make sure that whatever sugar does reach your blood gets there slowly and in a controlled manner.

It isn’t just sugar that affects your pancreas. It’s the amount of fat you have in your diet, as well. Eating sweets can be doubly harmful. Not only are you feeding your body sugar-filled stuff that’s bad for your pancreas, you are feeding it fat, too. In short, cut down on any really rich food, and you’ll be ahead.

When you have diabetes, they tell you you should exercise a good deal. That really helps your body cope. Since your pancrease is under strain when you have PCOS, getting a lot of exercise should really help your pancreases stay healthy. Fruits and vegetables, very little salt, and lots of exercise. That’s all treatment for PCOS does.

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