When planning a healthy lifestyle, one of the smartest changes you can make is to lower the cholesterol levels in your diet. This should be an easy and natural change that does not feel like a struggle. When you lower the cholesterol content of your diet, it’s important that you understand that this is not like dieting to lose weight. A low-cholesterol diet is one that you can enjoy and benefit from for a lifetime. Exercise is also an essential part of lowering your cholesterol levels.Here are some simple natural ways to lower cholesterol.

Following A Low-Cholesterol Diet When You Eat In A Restaurant

Many people are baffled as to what to choose when following a low-cholesterol diet and eating out. It is very easy to fall off your diet in a restaurant. There are so many tempting entres, side dishes and desserts. It’s smart to familiarize yourself with the menu in advance of your visit so that you will know which foods will be acceptable for your diet.

It would be difficult to find a restaurant that does not serve chicken, and this is usually a very good low-cholesterol choice. Of course, the way the chicken is prepared is important. You should avoid sauces that are rich in fat. One example is peppercorn sauce. Of course, you can always order your meal with no sauce or with the sauce on the side so that you can control the amount that you eat. You could also ask the waiter or waitress to bring you lemons or olive oil to use instead of the sauce.

Most restaurants serve potatoes with many dishes, and they are often very tempting. To adhere to your diet more faithfully, it’s smart to substitute extra vegetables for potatoes.

Fish is usually a low-cholesterol choice because it is naturally low-fat. You order fish, you could also order some fries or some chips since the fish is an excellent, low-cholesterol choice. Have vegetables as well because they help lower your cholesterol level due to being rich in antioxidants.

Be careful with the dessert menu. Rich desserts can raise your cholesterol level and your triglyceride level. You may be surprised to know that ice cream is actually a good low fat option

Making Low-Cholesterol Choices On A Cruise

Many people enjoy taking cruises for vacations and holidays, and cruise ships are famous for their sumptuous buffets. Gaining weight on a cruise is a common occurrence; however, it can certainly be avoided. There are plenty of choices on cruise buffets, and you should make mindful and healthy choices throughout your holiday. It can be hard but if you are looking to lower your cholesterol, you need to keep an eye on that buffet.

Aside from the standard dinner menu, the majority of cruise lines also offer healthier options. Ask about the low-fat options and make your choices from these selections.

Cruise ships are also famous for their many activities, and you should participate in them. Additionally, making active choices throughout your days at sea will help you stay fit and trim. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a heart smart choice on land or sea.

Take advantage of the large deck and lovely days to go for brisk walks. Participate in exercise classes and go for a swim in the on-board pool. Join in any games or activities that appeal to you. It is entirely possible to get plenty of exercise and make the most of your holiday cruise.

Staying Low-Cholesterol At Work

When you’re on the job, it can be very tempting to simply grab fast food at lunch time. Avoid giving into this temptation by having plenty of healthy options on hand as snacks and for your lunch When you go out at lunchtime, choose a restaurant that offers healthier food in general. If you do find yourself in a fast food restaurant, studied the menu and make the best low-fat choices possible. Many fast food restaurants offer fish, chicken and salads. Stay away from sodas as well. The carbonation, the sugar and/or artificial sweeteners and other chemicals are bad for your health and bed for your digestion. Drink pure, filtered water instead. It will help you stay healthier and help you feel more satisfied with your food for a longer period of time.

Of course, you are really smarter in every way if you pack your own healthy lunch and snacks. This is a wiser health choice and a wiser economic choice. Bringing your own nuts, fruit, sandwiches, soup and/or salad is a great way to save money and eat right.

Remember to exercise! Take a few minutes at lunch time to get a little exercise. Take a walk for 20 minutes. If you do this before you eat, your cholesterol will lower and your metabolism will benefit. In fact, just a quick walk like this will burn a hundred calories.

And you lower your cholesterol levels, you will naturally lose weight if you need to. As you lose weight, you’ll see a drop in your LDL cholesterol levels. With your improved health and your improved silhouette, you are sure to feel happy and positive about adopting a low-cholesterol lifestyle.


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