memory problemsMinor memory loss is a fact of life as we get older but it isn’t always a sign of serious issues, more a fact of life and worrying unduly about it can add to the everyday stresses we all experience so if you are worried you need to consider ways to help yourself and help your memory in the process. Our memory can be bolstered by small things and there are some supplements which can help to increase your potential as well. Clearly if you think your memory problems are serious then you should consult your doctor but if your lapses are the general “cant  remember where I put the keys” type then there are simple actions you can take.

Firstly take a look at your diet. A healthy diet rich in vegetables,nuts and other healthy fats and lean proteins like chicken will help reduce the risk of memory problems as you age. Some healthy fats like olive oil have been shown to assist in slowing memory loss and some supplements like brainfire can also be taken to increase the healthy vitamins and minerals you need to help your brain power. You should also avoid those bad habits like smoking and cut down on alchohol, excessive use of which can of course destroy brain cells and add to the forgetfulness.

Its sometimes hard to stick to a healthy diet so don’t beat yourself up if you fall off from time to time. Vitamins and supplements like brainfire mentioned above and about which you can get some more information at can help enhance the vital nutrients your brain needs and those vitamins are specifically formulated to help prevent memory loss, in the right formula and in the right quantities. So the supplement route is definitely one to look at.

Clearly exercise is always a good move both for your body and mind and it is more important as you get older. Exercise stimulates blood flow and can create nerve cells in the brain as a consequence. Simple exercise like walking can help reduce memory loss and increase the endorphins we all need to function both physically and mentally.

Talking of exercise, its not just the physical variety. You also need to exercise the brain and mind. Watching TV can help if you choose the right type of program but you should also think about puzzles, jigsaws, games and other mental challenges to stimulate and prevent memory loss. The brain can be thought of as a muscle and that needs exercise just as much as your abs do! Mental exercise help to stimulate the brain and it doesn’t matter if you fail with some of the mind games you choose just as long as you challenge yourself. Whilst sitting around watching telly wont challenge you, if you watch some quiz games that will at least help. Tackling a new hobby like learning a language or a musical instrument  will help with mental focus as well.

Clearly stress doesn’t help anyone and it can be a factor in forgetfulness. Work stress in particular can have a detrimental effect  on our wellbeing and damage focus. Taking steps to reduce those stress levels can often be a first step in increasing memory levels.

Whilst you may be forgiven for thinking the memory loss only effects the older person, don’t fool yourself. It can creep up on you even when you are not that old and the earlier you take action, the easier it will be. Adoptiing more of a healthy lifestyle, increasing daily challenges to your brain and taking a supplement when appropriate will all help particularly as you age.



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