There are a lot of weight loss products and appetite suppressants on the market, many of which are here today gone tomorrow fads and which clearly do not work and are a waste of money. For anyone trying to lose weight, concentrating on your diet is an obvious first step but for many this can prove the most difficult.

What can cause many people to pile on the weight are hunger cravings which often lead to unsuitable food choices. Snacking on junk food is a big problem for those struggling with their weight but a new diet product could actually help change that mindset and help with other problems often associated with weight gain such as depression. Read More ...

There are a  lot of weight loss fads out there and now they appear to be joined by weight loss apps. This study appears to show that whist they are fine in principle, these apps only work if you use them and sometimes just getting around to filling out the required info is a step too far. If you struggle to keep up with your weight loss efforts then these may just waste even more valuable time for you. Check out the article.

“”I recommend it to my own patients who want to lose weight and enjoy … Ideally, people will adjust their diets once they realize how many calories …”

You may find that using an app at the outset to do your initial measurements could be useful into shocking you into action but making sure you continue with it may be harder in the long term.

Given the obesity issues in America, it is hardly surprising that many people are trying to lose weight particularly at this time of year, but some of us seem to have an inbuilt self destruct button when it comes to dieting.

People sabotage weight-loss efforts in many ways

“We tell ourselves we’re either dieting or not, and we veer from starving to overindulging. … “These short-term changes produce short-term weight loss.”

Typically we look for quick fixes but these short term measures can simply lead to short term weight loss and in time it can pile on again so knowing the sorts of triggers which can lead you to sabotage yourself could prove very useful in future.

Would you be surprised to learn that there are some delicious foods that can actually help you to lose weight?

Its not rocket science is it really? Weight loss is simple. You need to take in fewer calories than you burn off. Less food, more exercise. Read More ...

Feeling a bit on the heavy side and looking it? A lot of us have a moment when we recognize that our clothes feel tighter than they previously did. So what can you do about it? Organize your lifestyle and begin dropping weight off that waist, those hips and everywhere you need it. This can be a challenge, but here are some great ways to get your body weight down and to start making a difference.


In order to get that weight down, stay away from convenience foods. Convenience food typically contains large amounts of carbs that have a much greater possibility of changing into fat, instead of energy. Likewise the fat content, salt material, and sugar content in a great deal of fast food type dishes can be unbelievably high. Read More ...