There are a lot of weight loss products and appetite suppressants on the market, many of which are here today gone tomorrow fads and which clearly do not work and are a waste of money. For anyone trying to lose weight, concentrating on your diet is an obvious first step but for many this can prove the most difficult.

What can cause many people to pile on the weight are hunger cravings which often lead to unsuitable food choices. Snacking on junk food is a big problem for those struggling with their weight but a new diet product could actually help change that mindset and help with other problems often associated with weight gain such as depression.

Dr Oz began to promote the benefits of Saffron extract some months ago and replicated the results of a clinical study into the substance. He used two women on his show and gave them saffron extract to examine its efficiency. Clinical studies had already suggested that this product long known in the food industry but not studied before for weight loss did in fact have an effect on those using it. Those two women used saffron extract over three days and both lost weight. One of them losing an incredible five pounds and the other a not insignificant three pounds. Both reported that their hunger cravings had dissipated and one of them had even managed to attend a family birthday party without over indulging.

Following this experiment, it became clear that something remarkable was happening when saffron extract was used and sales and reviews for it rocketed and continue to climb today. As a supplement to help with unhealthy food cravings it really has no equal according to many who have used it.

How Does Saffron Extract Work?

The science behind this is quite complicated but in essence, cravings are caused by low serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin or something similar can be present in junk food and hence the cravings are sated but weight piles on. Serotonin is a chemical we produce and is responsible for out moods and emotions. Food cravings and inability to resist food even when we are not hungry can be caused by low serotonin levels. As our weight increases, our mood can depress and a vicious cycle can be the result. Cravings leading to more weight gain, low mood as a result and more eating. Emotional eating is often the cause of many weight problems.

Saffron extract has been shown to increase the serotonin levels naturally. We are not talking here about the saffron used in cooking and many middle eastern dishes but a specific extract from a specific genus. Increasing the serotonin levels leads to a more balanced approach to food consumption and allows management of those food cravings. Rather than grabbing a unhealthy snack containing excessive levels of calories fats and sugars , saffron extract helps you to make food decisions which are better for your waistline.

So you can see that the use of this supplement is a natural boost to those serotonin levels and will help you to lose weight naturally and effortlessly. It isn’t rocket science, you are just enabled to eat less.

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